Chinese Language Program

The Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) offers a free Chinese Language Course for students, staff and faculty, from September 7th – December 7th, 2016. Classes are on Wednesdays from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm in S302. 

The CCS encourages CUE students, faculty and staff to study the Chinese language, be involved in intercultural discussions, and develop cross cultural competencies. 

The course is designed for 1.5 hours/week * 14 weeks= 21 hours which is the length of time that could enable learners to pass HSK exam level 1 (international standardized Chinese Proficiency Exam).


Standard Chinese is a standardized form of spoken Chinese based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin. It is the official language of China spoken by a quarter of the population in the world, as well as one of four official languages of Singapore. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The written form of standard language (中文; Zhōngwén), is based on the pictography, or logograms known as Chinese characters (汉字; Hànzì).

The free Chinese language course is for students whose first language is other than Chinese. Learners taken this free course will be able to understand basic language materials related to common personal and daily life. They will retell, recite and copy words or sentences with fair accuracy and will write words or sentences following the example. They will begin to develop interest and confidence in learning the Chinese language. They will acquire preliminary knowledge of learning strategies, communicative strategies, resource strategies and interdisciplinary strategies under the teacher’s guidance. They will gain introductory Chinese cultural knowledge and acquire preliminary cross-cultural competence and international perspectives.

Course Outcome:

  1. This entry level course is designed to give students a good command of spoken and written Chinese and an introduction to Chinese culture and civilization. Students will learn 150 characters and 150 vocabulary words. Students will learn how to type and recognize characters, rather than writing characters. It is much easier than you imagined!
  2. CUE students, staff and faculty who take this free course will challenge HSK[1] (Chinese Proficiency Test) level 1 and receive the international certificate for Chinese Proficiency.  Learners who are able to pass the HSK (Level I) can understand and use very simple Chinese words and phrases, meet basic needs for communication and possess the ability to expand their Chinese language studies.
  3. CUE students who take this free course will have the opportunity to participate an 8 to 10 days trip to China, with scholarships.
  4. CUE students who take this free course will have the opportunity to participate cultural exchanges with partner universities in China. Students will experience and understand Chinese marketing in terms of business, environment, public health, information security, culture, etc.
  5. CUE students, faculty and staff who take this free course will have the opportunity to participate in the Chinese Bridget Competition[2] in 2017 spring.
More Chinese language courses coming in 2017-2018.



[1] The HSK is an international standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. HSK level 1 is equivalent to A1 level in CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).



[2] The "Chinese Bridge" Competition is a large-scale international contest and show on Chinese language and talents. It is well-known in the cultural and educational exchanges worldwide.



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