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Global Perspective of Inclusive Education – Workshop on Chinese and Western Approaches to Inclusion

Location: Concordia University of Edmonton
When: Monday May 15, 2017
Presenter: Dr. Chris Forlin

This workshop will focus on global perspectives towards inclusive education. International models will be explored with an emphasis on Western and Chinese approaches to inclusion. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in and learn from discussions regarding best practices and share their own experiences of the practicality of providing for all learners within the regular school system. This will be an interactive and engaging workshop where a range of pertinent issues regarding inclusive education will be explored. The workshop will be highly relevant to system administrators, school leaders, inclusive teachers and support staff from public and private school systems and research students.

A consultation opportunity with the presenters in small groups will be available. Teachers, researchers and undergraduate or graduate students are welcome to dialogue with the presenters in a separate reception session following the workshop.

Chinese Teaching Summer Seminar 2017

Location: Concordia University of Edmonton
When: July 4 – July 14

The Chinese Teaching Summer Seminar offered by Centre for Chinese Teacher Development at Concordia University of Edmonton is an intensive professional development summer course which is designed for teachers and researchers in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. It is also beneficial to people who are interested in Chinese character acquisition and teaching, Chinese vocabulary acquisition and teaching, Chinese teaching curricula and methodology, as well as Chinese bilingual education, Chinese language credentials and CIE support to Chinese language teaching and learning.

This two weeks seminar will take place at Concordia University of Edmonton’s beautiful riverside campus, minutes away from the vibrant downtown city core. 9:00AM – 3:30PM, Monday to Friday for a total of 50 instructional hours.

Course content:

  • Chinese vocabulary acquisition and teaching, by Dr. Liang Tian, July 4-6
  • Chinese character acquisition and teaching, by Dr. Yanmin Liang, July 7-11
  • Chinese teaching methodology, Dr. Mianmian Xie, July 12-13
  • Chinese bilingual education and Chinese language credentials, Dr. Wei Li, July 14

All sections will be delivered by a combination of lectures in the morning and workshops in the afternoon. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in and learn from the lectures and discussions in the morning regarding theory and best practices in Chinese characters teaching, vocabulary teaching and various methodologies. The workshops in the afternoon will be interactive and engaging, where a range of popular topics related to Chinese characters, vocabulary and methodology will be explored.

Participants will receive completion certificate issued by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters and Concordia University of Edmonton.

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