CUE Biology Class Headed to Impressive Mission in Brazil

CUE Biology Class Headed to Impressive Mission in Brazil

By mzeuch on March 24, 2017


Dr. Xin Chen will be leading our first Faculty-Led Study Abroad (FLSA) class to Brazil in May. Five students will take BIO 319 in three different locations in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, South Brazil:

The partner Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) main campus in the capital Porto Alegre, the PUCRS Environmental Science research facilities Pro-Mata, in the hills and mountains of the state 4h from Porto Alegre, and at the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) in the harbour city of Rio Grande, 5h South from Porto Alegre by the ocean. The group will be conducting studies in the natural scenes of São Francisco de Paula and in marine biology in the city of Rio Grande, which was former capital of the state between 1835 and 1845. A new contact is starting here with this public Federal University in the city of Rio Grande (FURG).

Check out the photos and videos below.

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Dr. Shaun Aghili Wraps Up Awesome Experience in Brazil

By mzeuch on March 23, 2017

A message came in from Dr. Shaun Aghili this morning. He spent two weeks at partner UNIVATES University, in Lajeado,  south Brazil (ca. 120 km from the capital Porto Alegre), with teaching, research and program cooperation talks:

This was a great experience and a productive trip. I am leaving Lajeado at 3 PM today […] THANK YOU for arranging this trip for me.” This trip will bring new collaboration opportunities between CUE and UNIVATES. In addition, with a CUE group of 11 students being interested in spending two weeks at UNIVATES in the summer of 2017 for a very interesting immersion program, and their students on our campus, there is growth in the relationship with this excellent partner.

Thank you, friends from UNIVATES, for welcoming Dr. Aghili so warmly!

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Reminder for Today: The French Speaking Hour with Coffee and Croissants!

By mzeuch on March 23, 2017

Concordia community,

like French? Would like to learn or practice French?

Remember we have the now famous Café Terrassea drop in moment of mingling between students, faculty and staff, in French. We chat about things of our life related to the French language and culture in North America, Europe, Africa and other places. Tout en français! Check out the poster about when and where. There will be coffee and croissants!

Below, the song La Langue de Chez Nous, from Yves Duteil. Notice on the second half it talks about Canada.

À bientôt!

Dr. Aghili’s Awesome Experience in Brazil

By mzeuch on March 16, 2017

Dr. Shaun Aghili, Faculty of Management is currently in Brazil, at our partner UNIVATES University, in the city of Lajeado, state of Rio Grande do Sul. He is there interacting with teaching and research for two weeks and has sent us this message:

“I had the privilege of attending Univates’ first International Week that took place from Monday, March 13th to Wednesday, March 15th.  I am spending an additional week at Univates for some guest lecturing and faculty-related discussions. Univates is one of our partner universities located in the South of Brazil in the region of Taquari Valley, about 120 kilometers from the city of Puerto Alegre, in a small town of approximately 75,000 inhabitants called Lajeado.

There are three main things that impress me most about Univates; its infrastructure, its commitment to its community and its amazing faculty and staff.

Operating on an annual budget of 170 Million Reals (50 Million USD), its amazing campus includes over 83,000 square meters of built area, comprised of over 250 laboratories, museums and special rooms. The distance from the professor apartments, a nine story dorm building at one end of the campus to the classroom where my presentations took place is about one kilometer, so I was using a shuttle service to get there!

 The university’s library is the most modern in the entire country. A quick tour of the facility that included a demonstration of the book check in and check out procedure served as evidence that this library, with over 160,000 titles, is state of the art.

Univates services a student body of 12,000 – 90% of which work during the day and attend evening courses- by offering 47 undergraduate, 5 masters and 3 doctorate programs. The university employs 500 professors and a total of 800 administrators and support staff. It is a well-oiled machine, as evidenced by the way the International Week was managed.

 The commitment of Univates to the betterment of its community is commendable.  I can best describe this through a personal experience I had at Univates this week. I signed up to visit Univates’ student volunteers’ involvement in the very poor San Antonio neighborhood. The visit started at the neighborhood medical clinic where nursing and medical-related student volunteers provide additional support using an interdisciplinary team approach, supervised by faculty members from programs such as nursing, pharmacy sciences, psychology, physio therapy, physical education and law.  We also visited a school in the area, in addition to the house of a paraplegic 33 year old man that has been receiving support from the student interdisciplinary groups since 2007. He was shot in the back at the age of 22 by a drug dealer.  As a result, he has lost the use of his legs. Several months after the incident, Univates volunteers first visited him at the family house where they found him in bed, in a very depressed state. His condition was further exacerbated by leg muscles atrophy as the result of laying in bed for several months. The Univates student volunteer team immediately started providing support services. The law students completed and submitted to the government the paperwork necessary to help him secure a monthly disability benefit, a wheelchair that suited his mobility needs, as well as supplemental medical/prescription benefits. Psychology students worked with him to overcome his severe depression. Physiotherapy students helped him gain mobility to the point that today, he actually drives a fully hand-operated car!

We visited with him and his father (his mom died about 6 years ago) and spent about 20 minutes in his backyard talking to them. What an amazing story of human triumph! And this is only one of the many success stories of the Univates’ student cooperative in the San Antonio neighborhood!  

Finally, my testimonial would be incomplete without raving about the wonderful hospitality of the Univates International office.  Vivianne Bishoff, the director, and her support staff including Marina, Julia, Floane and Guilherme did an amazing job at coordinating this event.  Their warmth (lots of hugging!) and attention to details made the first International Week a success. To give you an idea about the size of the event, about fifteen faculty and/or administrators from eight countries (Brazil, Canada, Portugal, China, Colombia, Argentina, Sweden, and Finland) attended the event and provided presentations to the student body. There were over 2,500 students attending these presentations each evening! English speaking presenters were supported via simultaneous translation services where attendees could follow the presenters on a real-time basis through headset units, similar to the ones used during United Nations gatherings.  I presented every evening of the event. My presentations were 1.5 to two hours long and included topics such as occupational and organizational fraud theory, fraud risk management and personal finance. On an average, I had an audience of about 80-100 students attending my presentations. For the invited guests such as myself, the event included a campus tour, a cultural tour of the area, a technical park or San Antonio Cooperative tour, and a very nice Brazilian cuisine and dance farewell dinner during which we were presented with certificates of appreciation and a gift bag. This was a class act all the way! I should also add that for the pizza and meat lovers reading this, Brazilian cuisine will NOT disappoint you! Have you ever had white chocolate pizza with sliced strawberries on top? Time to put together a student group and visit Brazil!

                                                         Ansioso para a minha Proxima viagem ao Brazil! 

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Deadline for Study Abroad Application March 15!

By mzeuch on March 13, 2017

Concordia community,

The deadline for Study Abroad application for fall 2017 is Wednesday March 15!
We have a growing number of Concordia students going out to study 1-2 semesters with our amazing international partners: Germany, France, Iceland, UK, Japan, Spain, Barbados, Denmark…. many more possible!
Please connect with Zuzana Ritzer:, International Office in the Welcome Centre.


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Holi Festival on Campus! Monday March 20

By mzeuch on March 9, 2017


Dear Concordia community,
The International Office is organizing a celebration with all students and staff, especially with our students from India: 
The Holi Festival at CUE! Monday March 20, noon – 1 pm (Tegler + front lawn, Ada Blvd).
Please see the poster. The event will start with a short introduction, music and dances in Tegler, and the color throwing will be (only) on the front lawn!
If you want to participate we recommend to bring spare clothes.
We also kindly ask students who would like to participate to be considerate to other students and only throw colors outside at other participants, not building, etc.
Thank you and come celebrate Holi together!

Concordia and sister PSI, Edmonton Airport: Welcome, International Students!

By mzeuch on March 9, 2017

We are proudly part of this joint effort between Edmonton post-secondary institutions and our International Airport: International students,

Welcome to Edmonton!

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Our good partnership with the Polish community in Edmonton: register!

By mzeuch on March 9, 2017

Join the International Movie night at Concordia on March 29 with Edmonton’s Polish community!
With support from the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vancouver and the Canadian Polish Congress Alberta Society.

Register for the event here.

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International Noon Pizza – March 13

By mzeuch on March 6, 2017

We are inviting our international and internationally minded students to a noon pizza next week, please see the poster! Come hang out and mingle. It is our monthly gathering.

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Save the Date: Global Perspectives of Inclusive Education – Workshop on Chinese and Western Approaches to Inclusion

By mzeuch on March 6, 2017

The Centre for Chinese Studies presents

Global Perspectives of Inclusive Education
– Workshop on Chinese and Western Approaches to Inclusion – 

Location: Concordia University of Edmonton

Time: Monday, May 15, 2017

Presenter: Dr. Chris Forlin

This workshop will focus on global perspectives towards inclusive education. International models will be explored with an emphasis on Western and Chinese approaches to inclusion. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in and learn from discussions regarding best practices and share their own experiences of the practicality of providing for all learners within the regular school system. This will be an interactive and engaging workshop where a range of pertinent issues regarding inclusive education will be explored. The workshop will be highly relevant to system administrators, school leaders, inclusive teachers, support staff from public and private school systems and research students.

A consultation opportunity with the presenters in small groups will be available. Teachers, researchers and undergraduate or graduate students are welcome to dialogue with the presenters in a separate reception session following the workshop.

Professor Forlin is an international education consultant, researcher and Independent Public and Non-Government Schools’ reviewer, based in Perth, Australia. Her research and publications focus on equity and diversity; change paradigms in education; education policy and practice; along with curricula and pedagogy for teacher education; with innovative research in working with systems, governments, and schools to establish sustainable inclusive education. Chris provides leadership in research in education reform for special and inclusive education in the Asia-Pacific region and has widespread extensive international experience in education working in the field of teacher education for more than 40 years. In 2013 Chris completed two major research projects for the Australian Government on a review of the best evidence in relation to theory and practice for inclusive education for students with disability across all jurisdictions. Chris also has over ten years’ experience working in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Dr. Tim Loreman, President of Concordia University of Edmonton whose research area is Inclusive Education, representatives from Alberta Education and school jurisdictions who are in charge of Inclusive Education will also join the workshop and provide insights from a broad point of view.

Registration: Global Perspectives of Inclusive Education

Registration deadline: May 5, 2017

Concordia students, staff, instructors and faculty, please contact our international office at or, or stop at HA 107 A (Welcome Centre) for registration.

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