International Student Services

International Student Services

Concordia ensures that the needs of every student are addressed, and has a tradition of personal care for students. International students very much feel welcome on our campus, a campus which makes it possible to get to know the fellow students and the professors.

We know that moving to a new country is a big adjustment and it’s important to know you can find the support needed to make your stay with us successful. Here are some suggestions on where to find information you may need.

If you have any questions prior to your arrival, or throughout your stay in Canada, the International Office is here to support all the International Students at Concordia. Please feel free to stop by our office in the Welcome Center if you need anything, or send us an email at

Student Life and Learning

The staff at Concordia offers support to students in their everyday life. There are a variety of services and learning resources available to all Concordia students, including international. Some of the learning supports provided are:

  • The Writing Center
  • Freshman Challenge
  • Tutor Registry
  • BSIT
  • Counseling 

For more detailed information on supports offered to Concordia students; contact any of the Student Life & Learning staff at or visit Learning Support Services.

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